BSS | EST Automatic Chemical Agent Detector/ Alarm ACADA - zNose ®

A powerful tool for identifying contraband of all kinds

Bharat Supply & Support of Military Materials and Equipment “BSS Materiel Limited “is partner with Electronic Sensor Technology, Inc. “EST” under #Defence #MakeInIndia to manufacture, Supply & Support a product line of fast and highly sensitive screening devices under the brand name zNose®, which are able to analyze and identify volatile organic compounds (VOC) in less than 10 seconds, with parts-per-billion sensitivity. The technology is patented and employs a proprietary Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) sensor and ultra-fast Gas Chromatography (GC) technology to separate vapor samples according to their chemical and physical properties.

Unlike conventional security devices such as “bomb-sniffing” explosive detectors (Ion Mobility Spectrometer), the zNose® is not restricted in sensitivity or target-specific; it is able to access, evaluate, and identify any sample by converting output signals into precise chromatograms or visual images – trademarked as VaporPrints® - which enable trained personnel to instantly recognize and react to any dangerous, illegal, or toxic compound present.

The Technology

Unlike trace detectors, zNose® recognize odors and fragrances based upon their full chemical signature. zNose® ACADA | CAM is able to detect all compounds within an odor and provide a complete chemical profile. Software includes an expandable library of over 700 chemicals and odor signatures allowing the zNose® to recognize virtually any target odor. Using ultra-high speed chromatography to separate chemicals within an odor in near real time, pattern recognition and trace detection using virtual chemical sensors can be performed at the same time. Trace detection combined with odor profiling can be an effective method for recognizing the presence of contraband material of all kinds. Electronic odor profiles are instrument independent, allowing security users to distribute and share odor signatures.

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It can accurately detect and identify:

• All types of military, commercial and homemade explosives including: RDX, PETN, Tetryl, TNT, NG, DNT, Ammonium Nitrate, HMX, Black Powder, nitro-methane and others.

• All types of drugs & illicit narcotics including: Heroin, Cocaine, Marijuana, PCP, Methamphetamines, LSD, THT and others.

• All types of biological, nerve & chemical agents including: Sarin, Soman, Mustard Gas and others.

Because of its sensitivity & versatility, the SAW/GC Vapor Tracer can effectively replace several sniffing dogs at borders & seaports custom departments, since each dog can be trained to sniff-out & detect only one substance at a time, either explosives or narcotics. zNose® is all solid state, very rugged & durable construction. It is the most sensitivity technology (down to Pico-grams) on the market. No radioactive elements used. It is proven by the US Military as the most sensitive portable Explosive / Contraband / Narcotics / Chemical Agents Detector on the market.



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