Capability Statement

General Overview:

BSS Materiel Limited, headquartered in India, through its subsidiaries and affiliates in USA, Central Asia, South Korea, Israel and Europe is engaged in a wide variety of businesses such as supply and support, designing, manufacturing, assembling, testing, MRO and advisory services in defense sector and critical technologies and offset manufacturing programs.

With an expertise to manufacture and assemble Small Arms, Light Weapons, Ammunition, all types of Unmanned vehicles (UVs), and other vital next generation Communication on the Move (COTM) products and solutions and development of new innovative technologies to cater to requirements of the Military, Law Enforcement agencies and Civilian needs here as well to cater worldwide. It has been established under the Make in India initiative of the Government of India.

BSS Materiel also provides public relations, financial engineering, commercial development, legal consulting and geo-political exposure at appropriate levels for a pre-meditated understanding of employment deployment of technologies, through the experienced backend it maintains which is also the think-tank for assessing opportunities from all aspects, and provides advice in educating various levels in understanding and adopting futuristic technologies. BSS Materiel founders have successfully advised several global Defense, Broadcast Media, Technology and Telecommunication companies in conducting business here.

Management Team:

The Founder Promoters, Directors and majority Shareholders of the company are high ranking, distinguished, now retired officers from Government of India, Indian Army and Police Services possessing rich experience, expertise and in-depth knowledge in this domain. They are joined in this initiative by entrepreneurs and experts from varied sectors such as Diverse Manufacturing, Broadcast Media, Telecommunication, Legal, Facility Management and professionals from Automobile Industry and Finance.


  • Research, Analytics and Development (RAD).
  • Diverse Manufacturing to relevant global standards in quality and component control.
  • Technology aggregation and facilitation.
  • Solution Development and Deployment as well as product portfolio integration.
  • Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)
  • Distribution Network with demographic understanding and local knowledge across India SAARC.
  • Affiliates Distribution Network in USA, Central Asia, South Korea, Israel and Europe.


BSS Materiel Limited and its subsidiaries and affiliates are fully compliant with FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) regulations and compliant with PC Act (Prevention of Corruption Act of India). We at BSS maintain a high degree of professional ethics with the highest standards of transparency, confidentiality and CSR practices that is in line with the requirement of the mission mandates in the Countries of its operations.

Mission and Vision statement:

To create a world-class defense manufacturing hub in the country and collaborate with international domain experts as stakeholders in various capacities ranging from technology transfer partners, technology upgrade providers, training and tooling capacity for up scaling the domain knowledge and expertise "Innovate for future, develop materiel with highest standards to manufacture in India, for Supply and Support worldwide from India"

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